Thinking/Creating with Active Materials


responsive environment examining the im/possibilities of empathising with materials



In a dark room, a liquid transparent body hangs within a monolithic enclosure hidden from the eyes of the visitor. Its presence propagates into the room as the light shines through the body into the ceiling. The forces of gravity and electricity run through the body, activating it from within. From without, sound attacks the body and light reveals its surface tensing, releasing and contracting. Struggling under the weight and motion of its liquid, the body is brought into crisis and eventually falls apart.


Authors: Karmen Franinović with Andrés Villa Torres

Exhibited at Laokoon Festival, Nov 2016, Zurich

Commissioned by Zurich University of the Arts, TU Darmstadt and Leuphana University

Video by Adonis Bou Chakra and Nadine Cocina

Special thanks to Luke Franzke, Mirjam Steiner and Roman Kirschner.

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