Thinking/Creating with Active Materials

Enactive Environments: materials, experiences, values

Karmen Franinović hold a lecture on April 17, 2018 at Kunstuniversität Linz


How can interaction designers understand, confront and guide the values emerging from the experiences they enable? How can they think, create and engage with materials and environments in an active and not controlling manner? In this lecture, Karmen Franinović argues for shifting of her focus from functional and infrastructural questions towards ethicoaesthetic relations between humans and non-humans. A more ecological understanding of interaction is proposed that extends beyond the application of user-friendly devices and motivating entertainment. Such enactive design approach is exemplified through concrete projects involving participatory urban events, movement rehabilitation systems and active material environments.

Kunstuniversität Linz (A)
Interface Culture Lecture Room, Domgasse 1, 3. OG, DO.03.27

Tuesday, 17.04.2018, 11:00h