Thinking/Creating with Active Materials

Thinking Active Materials : Actively Thinking Materials

Karmen Franinović wrote an article about “Thinking Active Materials : Actively Thinking Materials” in “Raw Flows. Fluid Mattering in Arts and Research” edited by Roman Kirschner

Thinking Active Materials

“There is something exciting and at the same time uncanny about holding a novel material in ones hands. There is no expert to turn to, no technique to follow, no crafting skill to receive. At first encounter, there seems to be nothing to compare a novel material to, nothing to tell us what its purpose may be or how to approach it. Its qualities and processes, however, pull us into relation. They invite us to sense, to feel and to manipulate. Events emerge through our mutual engagement, “as (the sculpture) gently swings the liquid around its surface, we begin to move in sync with each other…” Moved by and attending to material’s activity, we learn to know what a material can do. “ (Karmen Franinović)

Thinking Active Materials

Raw Flows