Thinking/Creating with Active Materials

Fragile Mutations

A hands-on workshop on Electroactive Membranes and the Human Body
bringing novel materials into art-based research in Athens, Greece.

IMG_20141218_131818 Kopie

The application of new materials to architecture opens new possibilites to produce responsive built environments, but with out experimentation these new materials do not move out of the research laboratories in which they are being developed.

The workshop followed a hands-on do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to developing of artificial muscle modules to populate the human body. Participants where invited to learn how to work with electroactive polymers (EAPs) and where asked to contribute actively in the extension of the materials known possibilities. We proposed to engage with fragility of such materials whose performance has not yet been perfected by engineering methods.

Tutor: Florian Wille
Organized by Vaia Gkerliotou